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  • State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resourses
  • United States Army Corps of Engineers
  • Diamet
  • DeBeers Mining
  • Barrick Gold
  • Noranda Mining
  • Kennocott Minerals
  • BHP Minerals
  • Ontario Government
  • Geological Surveys of Canada
  • Ontario
  • United States Department of Energy
  • United States Geological Surveys

Air Taxi

Questral Helicopters is a licensed 703 Air tax operator under Transport Canada. We are licensed to carry people and cargo In and out of Major Airports our out of your most remote location. Subject to aircraft availability.

With designated teams of engineers inspecting and servicing aircraft at night to eliminate daytime interruptions, stand by support crews and transport on call and closely monitored pilot rostering,. Engineers are rostered to provide 24-hour maintenance, enabling most servicing to be carried out overnight, thus ensuring the helicopters are fully serviceable during daylight hours.