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  • United States Department of Energy
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  • State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resourses
  • United States Army Corps of Engineers
  • Diamet
  • DeBeers Mining
  • Barrick Gold
  • Noranda Mining
  • Kennocott Minerals
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  • Ontario Government
  • Geological Surveys of Canada
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Questral Helicopters was incorporated in February of 1987 by Tosh Serafini. Prior to this, Tosh had been flying helicopters in the aviation industry for 13 years. Tosh Serafini had been flying exclusively for geophysical survey companies since 1979. He saw a need for a helicopter company that could specialize in geophysical surveys, and set out to fulfill that need.

Questral started out with one Aerospatiale Astar and specialized in being a support service for airborne geophysical surveys. At the end of its first year it had out performed its initial forecasts and had flown jobs across Canada. In early 1989, Questral Helicopters purchased its second helicopter, and continued to specialize in airborne survey work. Early in 1997, a third helicopter was added, bringing their fleet size to three: an AS350BA, AS350B1, and an AS350B2. Questral moved into international work in 1997 with jobs in various areas of the United States, and Greenland. Subsequently, we performed surveys in Morocco and Peru.

From Questral's inception, towing geophysical equipment for airborne surveys has been the type of flying that we have pursued, logging tens of thousands of hours of bird-towing.